About Us

iPhone Repairs Crawley business has grown from Crawley Computer Centre a family run business which has been trading since 2001, we are specialists in all apsects of repair for personal electrical items.

Today, we have demanding lifestyles, we are lost without our gadgets which keep us in touch, on time, in the right place or just freedom to do what you want.

iPhone Repairs Crawley recognises that when these devices go wrong or subject of a mishap it is important to get the item back working again quickly with quality parts without costing a fortune.

Our engineers are all based in our workshop in Crawley, West Sussex, we do not send any items away for repair so can guarantee your item will be repaired in a timely manner by an engineer you can trust.

Unfortunately, we have observed some horrors where our customers have taken their device to non-reputable shops or mobile services who claim to repair. Sometimes cheaper is not always best, it often comes at a cost; on inspection of these items we find parts missing or in the wrong place and sub-standard replacement parts used, even visible damage where devices have been forced open incorrectly.

At iPhone Repairs Crawley we believe a quality repair is worth waiting for and always repair items first time; our guarantee to you is that your item will be returned to you in better condition than when you asked for our help. Why not see for yourself!